Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

We are at 18% of our Goal!!

We are getting a little bit closer each day to making our goal!  I know $1500 seems like a lot but that's actually half of what it costs to publish a book. Barry and I are funding the other half out of pocket. Marketing and illustrations is a BIG part of publishing a book. Printing books to hand out and use for marketing purposes is going to be another expense. Overall it could cost up to 5K total. I'm taking a risk, like any business in hopes my book will profit. I'm mostly publishing this book for sentimental purposes. A book my son can pass down to his kids.  A book my parents can show off and be proud of. A book that I can be proud of in achieving a goal and succeeding. Everyone wants to accomplish a goal. Provide a legacy or an accomplishment to look back on and say "Yeah, I wrote and published a Children's Book".  If the book becomes successful, even better. I can admit, it would be really fun to go to book signings, fairs, meet other authors, see my book in stores and read to kids in classrooms or bookstores. I would have a blast!  If this book does become successful, I may write more books and make this a side career. :)

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