Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Update on Fundraiser

Well, we didn't raise much money with my Lia Sophia fundraiser. Only 2 orders. That's okay though! We have some time. We start the illustrations of the book in January. Michele has other pending projects due in December which gives me more time to reach my goal. So far out of pocket I've spent $600.00. I plan to pay the other $600 here in a few months to pay for part of the publishing. That doesn't include illustration costs, printing and marketing.

This is a HUGE leap of faith I'm taking with my book. I'm hoping it does well. Like any business, you take risks and only family and friends that believe in you will help. :) Thank you for everyone who has donated so far and believes in my and my wonderful book!! Spread the word!! We have so many great and cute ideas for this book I can't wait to share!!

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