Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I want to welcome you to my blog for Daddy's Guitar.

 I'm excited to share with my friends and family my goal to be a published author! I'm not looking to make this a career, but I'm looking to make this a fun adventure and accomplishment I can pass down to my son, family and friends. My desire is to see my book on store shelves, online and in local schools. I would love to share my book with young readers and express to kids at any age that you CAN make your dreams come true! 

My book is titled "Daddy's Guitar". This is a fun 300 word picture book that tells the story of a young boy, around the age of 4, curious about the new sound he hears coming from down stairs. He finds his daddy sitting on the couch with his guitar. Excited about this new musical instrument, he want's to learn how to play. Daddy is more than happy to show his son all the way's you can strum a guitar to make different sounds. This book is based on a memory of my son and husband. :) 

I'm currently working with Booklogix Publishing in Alpharetta, GA. and with a wonderful illustrator and dear friend Michelle Phillips to make accomplish this goal. 

Please take part in this fun journey and make a donation to help publish my book! If you can't make a donation, please post a word or two of your support! ;)

With each donation of $10.00 or more, you will receive a signed copy of my book! Special donation amounts will get your name printed in my credits "Special Thank You" page located in the back of the book. 

I plan to share all my updates and illustrations with you regarding the step by step process of publishing my book! Thank you for support in helping me reach this goal and be a part of this dream! I hope to reach my goal by November!!

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