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Coming Soon!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Support My Book-Pubslush Community

This is a wonderful site using Crowdfunding to help get new authors off the ground. They provide services tailored to the needs of authors, agents, self-publishers and small presses. For authors, Pubslush is a good deal, taking only 4 percent of raised funds, much lower rate than other fund raising sites. 

Come check out my campain to support my book, Daddy's guitar!

A wonderful picture book about a young boy, curious about the new sound he hears coming from downstairs. He finds his daddy sitting on a chair with his big shiny guitar. Excited about this new musical instrument, he wants to learn how to play. Daddy is more than happy to show his son all the ways you can strum a guitar to make different sounds.

What is Daddy holding? What could it be?It's big, and it's round; I really want to see.He strums up—twing.He strums down—twang.Daddy moves his hands up and down, making neat little sounds.

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